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What It’s Like To Have A Psychic Friend

psychic friend
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How many of you know someone with Psychic abilities?

I didn’t know many, until I met my awesome psychic friend, Sheri. She has helped me in so many ways, and continues to help me every day. She’s the most down to earth person I’ve ever met. She’s become my closest friend, and she lives on the complete opposite side of the US.

We met through Instagram, and our friendship grew from there. I booked a session with her, I needed some guidance with things in my life. This was back in June. It’s now October, and we talk every day, whether by phone or through text. I cannot say enough about what an amazing person she is.

I know a lot of people are skeptics when it comes to this subject, or aren’t really sure how they feel about it. Personally, I’ve always believed, because while I’m not psychic, I am an Empath. Being an Empath makes me a very intuitive person, and it has allowed me to have experiences I may not otherwise have had.

A psychic also relies on intuition, but in a different way. There are actually four major intuitive abilities, which include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Clairaudience
  • Claircognizance

Believe it or not, we all possess the capability to experience some of these things. I’m not exactly sure of how it all works, but I know that the more open minded you are, and the more in tune with yourself and your surroundings you are, the more likely you are to have one of these types of experiences.

Then you have those that are born with these gifts. Sheri is one of them. She uses this gift to help guide others in their lives, and work through things you may be struggling with.


psychic friend



A little about my psychic friend, Sheri

Sheri’s gift began to become apparent when she was just two years old. It’s a gift that runs in her family, as her uncle also has these gifts and abilities. Moving to California when she was in the third grade, Sheri, her sister and cousin would often visit with their uncle. They would all play games, and he would ask them questions for fun, and Sheri would be the one that would always get them right.

Being independent and always with her own thoughts, Sheri connected easily with others around her, especially those she was drawn to. As she got in to Jr. High and High School, she became more and more aware of her sense of knowing. Things would come to her, and she would just blurt them out to her friends, and she would be right.

Some things would come to her, and she wouldn’t quite understand the message. It wasn’t until her late teens and twenties that she started to connect what was coming to her with its meaning. Once, when she was only 13, she noticed a strange smell coming from a friend of hers. Only later did she come to realize the “smell” was a message of sickness, she was picking up on this, and it was something no one else was aware of.

psychic friend

Sheri has been helping others psychically for years now. She keeps it real, but she’s never harsh or judgemental. She is a natural teacher, with the ability to explain things in a way others can understand. She’s great at helping you work through a difficult past, self-awareness, and can also help you get in touch with your own intuition. She can also help redirect you to a better place, using Spirituality, the Law of Attraction, and Manifestation techniques.

Learn more about Sheri.



What having a psychic friend has taught me –

Honestly, Sheri has taught me so much about myself, and about life.  She has become a great friend, confidant and life strategist. I’m starting to understand more about how much what you put out into the Universe can affect you, and the world around you. Mindfulness and mindful thinking are really important in being careful of how you think, feel, and talk about yourself.

Our talks aren’t always about serious things though. We have fun too. Sheri will tell me about random things that come to her sometimes. She told me recently that Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle would be getting pregnant, and just days later, it was announced to the world! She also keeps me up to date on weather events as well.

Even with her abilities, Sheri reminds me that no one person knows everything, and reminds me to trust in myself and the Universe. While we can’t control everything that happens in life, there are some things we are in control of. She’s very grounded, and she helps to keep me grounded too. I always feel better after our talks.


To sum it all up –

I know a lot of people have their own feelings about those with psychic abilities, as well as your own experiences. I can only tell you about mine, which has fortunately been amazing. It’s also not really what most people think it is.

If you’re looking for some guidance on certain aspects of your life, or you want to get in touch with your own inner self, Sheri is definitely the person I’d recommend. Maybe you just need some positive vibes in your life. She’s good at providing that too!

Check her out on social media for daily inspiration, to learn more about my psychic friend Sheri, or if you’d like to get in touch with her –

Thank you for taking the time to read about my friend Sheri, as well as my experience with a psychic!

~ Jess





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