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The Ugly Truth Behind Struggling With Your Mental Health

struggling with your mental health
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Struggling with your mental health: It’s not all sunshine and rainbows

If you’re like me, and you’re struggling with your mental health, then you’ll be able to relate to this post.

As a mental health blogger, I (and a lot of others) talk about self-care, ways to help with your symptoms, and things you can do to get better. While all of this is great, and very important, I feel like we never talk about some of the ugly truths that are a part of struggling with your mental health. So I’d like to take the time today to do just that.

There’s a reason I use the word ‘struggling‘, and it’s because that’s exactly what it feels like. A constant struggle with your own mind. Doesn’t sound very fun, does it? Well, it’s not. On my better days, I can laugh at myself, and even dismiss some of my ridiculous thoughts. Catch me on a bad day, and you won’t see me laughing.

Even on my good days – no wait – ESPECIALLY on my good days, I am trying to dodge negativity like a squirrel in traffic. I do not want anything getting in my way or bringing me down. We all have different ways of trying to get through everyday life, but when you’re in the middle of struggling with your mental health too, it can get a little tricky. So, sometimes you have to get a little creative.

Here are just some of the things I do to cope, and get through those rough spots. Let me know if you can relate to any of these.



struggling with your mental health


The ugly truth about struggling with your mental health

– I cuss. A lot. Is it always appropriate? No. Do I do it anyway? Absolutely. Throwing a few sentence enhancers into my daily vocabulary always makes me feel better. There are just some moments where ‘gosh darn’ or ‘dang it’ just aren’t going to cut it.

– Sometimes I mumble incoherently under my breath. Usually this happens when I really want to say something, but I’m trying really hard to keep myself together. It’s like a semi-private conversation with myself. I do this a lot when I’m home alone and cleaning up behind all of my kids. Haha.

– I wait until the last minute to put on pants. Who likes pants, anyway? When I’m at home, I want to be comfortable. This doesn’t mean I want everyone else to think I was just lounging around. So before everyone gets home, I make sure to throw some pants on. It gives them (and me) the illusion that I have my life together.

– There are some days that I just don’t feel like doing shit. Of course, I can’t let anyone else know that. How do I accomplish this? Luckily, I work better under pressure, so I laze around until I only have an hour before anyone gets home, then jump up and work my ass off for the last hour. Shhh…what others don’t know won’t hurt them…

– Lots and lots of sarcasm and humor. These two are my go-to coping mechanisms. If I can’t find it in myself to throw my own sarcasm and humor out there, I go to Pinterest, and share this glorious wealth with others.

– Most of my days are spent smiling and trying to ignore everything catching on fire all around me. Sometimes this tactic works, other times, not so much. Eh. I’m only human, right?



Some of my favorite phrases

I have a few things that I like to call “me-isms”, they’re these little phrases that I’m famous for saying all the time. These phrases tend to come out more often when you’re struggling with your mental health. Is this another coping mechanism? Perhaps.

  • I’m faking it ’til I make it.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • It is what it is.
  • Yes, I am weird. No, I don’t care.
  • Sure, I’m crazy, but in a good way.
  • Look, I know what I’m talking about. Mostly.
  • I’m running away, I have to go now.
  • I don’t want to be a responsible adult today.
  • Whatever works, let’s do that.
  • Umm. I gotta go. Bye.

I’m sure there are plenty more things my family could come up with that I say, but you get the idea. I am very much into not taking life too seriously. Where is the fun in that? Trust me, there isn’t any, because I wasn’t always this way. I used to think every little thing that went wrong was the end of the world. Until I realized it wasn’t.

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Honestly, I believe if I didn’t have these struggles, I might not have figured out half of the things I have. But when you’re struggling with your mental health, in a way, you have to learn these things. I mean, I guess you don’t have to, but if you want to have any kind of quality of life, then yes. The more I’ve learned, the more I want to learn too.

There’s a poem, it’s called The Hole In The Sidewalk, and it was one of the first things that really opened my eyes to looking at things differently.

When you start to open your eyes to the possibilities, you begin to see everything in a whole new way. It’s kind of cool in a way. As much as I’ve learned though, I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. I don’t try to be, either. Nobody is perfect, we all have our flaws in one way or another. I guess we just have to learn to love the ones we can live with, and change the ones we can’t.

Is it all really just that simple? Maybe so.

What are some of your quirks or habits? Do you have any “isms” that you say all the time? Share them in the comments, I love hearing about what helps you get through your rough moments. It’s just another way we can all learn – from each other.

~ Jess


struggling with your mental health

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