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20 Of The Best Quotes About Life That Speak To My Soul

quotes about life
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Quotes about life that really speak to my soul

You can literally find quotes about life everywhere. There are thousands upon thousands of them. But how many of them really speak to you, really touch you, deep down to your soul?

I found 20 of my favorite quotes about life, and wanted to share them with you. These quotes mean a lot to me, I love them because they not only speak to me, they really make me think about things. For me, the quotes that make me think, are the most important.

I’m a very deep person, although this is not a side of me that I show just anybody. My moods tend to shift as well, and depending on my mood, different quotes about life mean different things to me. With that said, I don’t think everything needs to be serious. You have to laugh too.

This will be a nice eclectic mix of both, because we all have different things affect us at different times. I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I do.


Deep Quotes About Life

Sometimes, you’re in the mood to find things that really touch your soul. Those truly deep quotes about life that are not only deep, but real.


1. Life asked death, “Why do people love me but hate you?” Death responded, “Because you are a beautiful lie, and I am a painful truth.”


quotes about life


2. “Sometimes, all you can do is lie in bed and hope to fall asleep, before you fall apart.”  ~ William C. Hannan

3.  “To be nobody but yourself – in the world would you doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody but yourself – means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.” ~ E.E. Cummings

4. “Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.”

5. “Everyone is breakable, but not everyone is aware that it’s a choice to stay broken” ~ Stanley Behrman


quotes about life



Quotes About Life’s Lessons

If we pay attention, and we’re ready to learn, we can often find the answers in these quotes. All you have to do is open your mind, seek the answers, and more often than not, they will find you.


6. “Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.” ~ Anna Taylor

7. “Anything that annoys you is for teaching you patience. Anyone who abandons you is for teaching you how to stand up on your own two feet. Anything that angers you is for teaching you forgiveness and compassion. Anything that has power over you is for teaching you how to take your power back. Anything you hate is for teaching you unconditional love. Anything you fear is for teaching you courage to overcome your fear. Anything you can’t control is for teaching you how to let go and trust the universe.” ~ Jackson Kiddard

8. “Everything you need is already inside you. Don’t wait for others to light your fire. You have your own matches.” ~ Live Purposefully Now

9. “Listen. Smile. Agree. Then do it anyway.”


quotes about life


10. “When thinking about life, remember this: No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future.” ~ Unknown



Quotes about life that make you smile

We shouldn’t be serious all the time. If we take everything in life too seriously, we’ll never have any fun. Sometimes you have to loosen up, smile, and enjoy the ride.


11. “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”

12. “Don’t take life so seriously. It’s not like you’re going to get out alive.”

13. “When someone asks, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”…buddy I am just trying to make it to Friday.” ~ Word Porn

14. “The trick is to not let people know how really weird you are until it’s too late for them to back out.”

15. “Every day I understand the phrase, “I’m getting too old for this shit” on an even deeper level.” ~ Fuckology


quotes about life


Random Quotes About Life

A nice mix of motivation, humor, and inspiration.


16. “Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

17. “Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.” ~ Ralph Marston

18. “Sometimes you have to give yourself pep talks. Like, “Hello. You’re a badass woman, don’t be sad, you’ve got this and I love you.” ~

19. “It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.” ~

20. “I choose to live by choice, not by chance. To be motivated, not manipulated. To be useful, not used, to make changes, not excuses, to excel, not compete. I choose self-esteem, not self-pity, I choose to listen to my inner voice, not to the random opinions of others. I choose to do the things that you won’t, so I can continue to do the things you can’t.” ~


quotes about life


I hope you’ll enjoy these 20 quotes about life as much as I do. You can find motivation, inspiration, and humor in so many things. Sometimes it’s as simple as words on a page that seem to be written just for you.

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Do you have a favorite quote? If so, I’d love for you to share it in the comments!

~ Jess



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