struggling with your mental health

The Ugly Truth Behind Struggling With Your Mental Health

Struggling with your mental health: It’s not all sunshine and rainbows If you’re like me, and you’re struggling with your mental health, then you’ll be able to relate to this post. As a mental health blogger, I (and a lot of others) talk about self-care, ways to help with your symptoms, and things you can do to get better. While…

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set healthy boundaries

7 Tips On How To Set Healthy Boundaries For Beginners

Set healthy boundaries to maintain healthy relationships. Why is setting healthy boundaries for yourself so important? I’m glad you asked! Boundaries are the physical, mental, and emotional limits we set up to protect ourselves. We establish these to prevent others from using, violating and/or manipulating us. If you don’t set healthy boundaries at the beginning of a relationship, you can…

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The Time I Learned About How PTSD Can Affect Your Life

PTSD – What it is, and how it can affect your life PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. (NIMH) It is not a diagnosis that should be taken lightly. I learned very quickly what PTSD was all about when I experienced an event that…

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Teens Who Struggle With Mental Illness

Teens Who Struggle With Mental Illness

Emma’s Story Teens Who Struggle With Mental Illness I’m sharing this story of one teen’s struggle with mental illness on her behalf, and at her request. Too often, this is when these struggles typically begin. Emma is a friend of my teenage daughter, Bailey. They met in school, and quickly became close. As they began to hang out more often,…

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Self Awareness

How To Use Self Awareness To Change Your Life

Self Awareness is a tool we all possess. When you learn how to use self awareness to your advantage, it can change your perspective completely. It’s downright magical, and with practice, self awareness can have a powerful effect on your life. What is self awareness? If we break it down, it becomes easier to understand exactly what it means. Awareness…

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living your life for others

The Effects Of Living Your Life For Others

If you’ve been living your life for others, then you’ll be able to relate to this post. I’ve been living my life for others ever since I can remember. I don’t really know if there’s ever been too many moments where I’ve lived my life for me. What does it mean to live your life for others? In short, you…

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self help for depression symptoms

7 Self Help Ideas For Easing Depression Symptoms

Self help for depression symptoms   The symptoms depression manifests can be very difficult to live with. It’s tiring trying to manage the ups and downs, going from feeling great to feeling down. Sometimes it strikes with no warning, and no reason. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help with these symptoms when they arise. There are…

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trigger words

When Family Uses Trigger Words Against You

Trigger Words – What are they? Trigger words are words and phrases that cause a listener to feel strong emotions because of previous experiences. When you hear them, they often cause a rush of emotions to flood your mind and body. These feelings can stay with you for days, and are usually associated with past emotional, physical, or psychological trauma. The…

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Being an Empath – What it’s really like

What it means to be an Empath. Being an Empath is not always an easy thing to live with. Especially when a lot of the people around you are extremely emotionally draining. This is because as an Empath, you tend to be overly in tune with the energy of others. Not just in tune, you also tend to actually absorb…

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quotes about life

20 Of The Best Quotes About Life That Speak To My Soul

Quotes about life that really speak to my soul You can literally find quotes about life everywhere. There are thousands upon thousands of them. But how many of them really speak to you, really touch you, deep down to your soul? I found 20 of my favorite quotes about life, and wanted to share them with you. These quotes mean…

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