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Find my thoughts here, in my own words, on tons of different topics

I wanted to have a part of my blog where I could write with complete honesty about my thoughts and feelings on different topics. I’m dedicating this section of my blog to this, as I wanted it to be separate from my other posts.

I wanted a place to vent my frustrations, voice my opinion, and hopefully promote discussions on these topics. I’m also hoping in doing this, it will help others who can relate to these same frustrations. And maybe one day, we will find a way to work together to promote changes that need to happen with some of these subjects.

What you’ll find here are my thoughts on things most people either don’t talk about, don’t want to talk about, or don’t know what to do about. I’d love for these posts to promote awareness, discussions and possibly even solutions.




I do want to disclose ahead of time, if you are sensitive to certain subjects, or have trouble reading about things that may be upsetting or triggering for you, some or all of these posts may not be for you. Please read them at your own discretion, but I did feel that I should make all of my readers aware of this.

Topics found here are going to vary, and will be dependent upon, but not limited to:

  • Topics that I’m familiar with
  • A subject I may be dealing with
  • New topics that arise over time
  • Topics I feel strongly about
  • Struggles we all face in life
  • Working towards solutions to problems
  • My frustrations with certain topics


Most will center around mental health, our mental health system, addiction, and related topics. I decided to do this for a number of reasons. Not only to have a place to vent, but hopefully to inspire change as well.


Contribute topic discussions or ideas –

If you have thoughts you’d like to contribute regarding a certain subject, or a topic you’d like me to discuss, please reach out to me and let me know! I would love to hear what you have to say, and want to use this to give others a voice of their own.

Please reach out to me at, or you can contact me on Facebook at¬†with any thoughts or ideas you have. I would absolutely love for you (my readers) to contribute your own frustrations with things you’ve had to deal with, and what your experiences have been like.

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You can also share your personal story of mental illness, or what it’s like living with or helping a family member or friend struggling with mental illness. For more information on this, visit my page for sharing your story.

I appreciate all of you who stop by to visit my blog, and I hope by sharing my story and my experiences, it will help others as well. So I’d like to take this moment to say thank you to each and every one of you!

And remember – you are never alone in your struggles.

~ Jess







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