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Life Is Hard – Sometimes I Just Wanna Stay In Bed

I just wanna stay in bed
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Can you relate?

Seriously, sometimes I just wanna stay in bed and do nothing. I have these days where I wake up, and I just don’t want to life. I don’t want to clean the house, I don’t want to run errands, and I don’t want to think.

I just want to BE. And honestly, is that really too much to ask? Personally, I don’t think so. I feel guilty for feeling this way sometimes, but maybe I shouldn’t. As long as I don’t make it a habit, I think it can be good to just do nothing every now and then.

It can be sort of a self care type thing. Just taking the day to chill, be lazy, whatever. I mean, I don’t always feel like I just wanna stay in bed. It’s just that every now and then. I’ll wake up with so much to do, and not enough motivation to do any of it.

So much so, I decided to capture one of my “I just wanna stay in bed” moments on video. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the subject, and share it with others. We shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to take a day off from life. Especially when we have so much to do, and so many who depend on us.

If you feel like you just wanna stay in bed because you’re struggling with depression, I’ve got some tips to help with depression symptoms – check them out.

Everyone needs a day to feel like they can just do whatever. No rushing, no pressure, no stress, just taking a moment to enjoy the day. Sometimes laying there and listening to how peaceful and quiet the house is can be just what I need to relax and recharge. I don’t think anyone should look at it as a bad thing, or make anyone feel guilty for giving themselves a lazy day every once in awhile.


What do you think?

~ Jess

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