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June Challenge For Better Mental Health – Week 1

week 1 of the june challenge for better mental health
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June challenge – week 1


Week 1 of the June challenge for better mental health – I wanted to do a fun challenge for the month of June for better mental health. Things that will help with both physical and mental health, as well as our lives in general. I also wanted it to be fun, and I thought doing it together would be fun and motivational for all of us!

If you haven’t read my post regarding the challenge, you can check it out here.

Let’s begin week 1, I’m so excited!!

June challenge for better mental health


Goal 1

Week 1 of the June challenge for better mental health begins! I’m going to start week 1 off with just a few challenges to begin with. We don’t want to feel overwhelmed in the beginning. The challenges for this week will also be a great foundation that will help immensely in the weeks to follow.

One of my biggest challenges is drinking water. I have tried several different ways to drink it, from flavoring it with fruit, to even adding those water flavors you can buy to add some taste. I struggle with trying to stay away from soda, but I really need to, especially with some of my medication.

So let’s start this week off by working on drinking more water, and less soda. I’d eventually like to get to the point where I’m not drinking any soda at all. It’s so bad for you in so many ways, and it can definitely have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health.

Water is a great way to flush your body, and is especially important when taking certain medications. Lemon water has amazing benefits, and is really good for you. I’m going to start with lemon water, but you can choose to drink your water however you’d like.

I’m going to set the goal for water to 48 ounces per day to start off for this week. That’s equivalent to three 16 ounce bottled waters.


Goal 2

Obviously we need to keep track of our progress. This is important, it helps to see what we’ve accomplished, and provides motivation to keep going as we reach our goals!

So, we need to get a progress journal, which will make it easy to write down our daily progress. It will also help with lists, self care ideas and more. Having a progress journal is just a good thing to have in general.

You can either buy one that is specifically made for keeping track of your progress goals, or you can use a regular notebook. Whatever works best for you, it’s really all about your personal preference and what’s most comfortable and easy. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a place to write and keep everything together and organized.


Goal 3

Speaking of organization, this leads me to our 3rd goal for week 1 of the June challenge for better mental health. Being organized is not just about keeping your living space clean, it’s so much more than that.

It’s also about working on organizing your thoughts, and even your goals! Honestly, it does help to try and keep your living space as clutter free as possible though. I find when everything around me is chaos, I feel more chaotic on the inside.


Think about it sort of like Feng Shui, it’s all about balance. If your living space feels less chaotic, it will allow your mind to feel less chaotic. This is something I’ve been needing to work on for awhile now, because it’s starting to drive me crazy!

There are several ways to work on organization, and here are some things I plan on focusing on for this week –

  • Going through things a little each day, throwing out what I no longer want or need
  • Pick up some organizers (rubber maid bins, etc)
  • Declutter each room, and store away what I want to keep, but don’t need to have sitting around
  • Purchase a weekly pill organizer for my meds (Sometimes I forget what I’ve taken and what I haven’t)

Of course, this goal may be different for each of us. You may have already done some Spring cleaning and purging, or may already have what you need to help get organized.

I am a little behind on this one, so I have a lot to do to catch up! You have to start somewhere though, right? Anyone else who is in my boat, we can do it! We’ll just have to work on it a little each day.


A quick recap

Ok, so for week 1 of the June challenge for better mental health will start with these three goals. These goals will also help us transition into the goals for week 2, and honestly are the building blocks that will help through the entire month.

Let’s go over them one more time.

1. Drink more water

2. Get a progress journal

3. Work on organization

We’ve got this! These are some great goals for starting off the month of June. Don’t forget to write down and keep track of your progress! At the end of the week, we can compare notes to see how well we did!

Check back next week for the new goals for week 2 of the June challenge for better mental health!

~ Jess


week 1 of the june challenge for better mental health



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2 thoughts on “June Challenge For Better Mental Health – Week 1

    1. Thank you!! And me too! I had been doing good with drinking water for awhile, but recently, I’ve gone backwards and I’ve gotten stuck on sodas again. I can tell the difference, and I’m determined to get back to my water!!

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