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Hypnotherapy: A Psychological Approach To Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy and weight loss
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This is an awesome guest post by Alyssa Moylan, with some interesting information about Hypnotherapy and it’s effects on weight loss. I’ve always found Hypnotherapy fascinating, and I know it has helped people overcome a lot of different things.

This article provides you with information on exactly how Hypnotherapy can be used to help with weight loss.

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How Hypnotherapy is used

It is a technique employed by certain therapists to relax a patient and then supplementing the patient with a mental suggestion to pick up a healthier lifestyle and approach towards life. It is just like any other hypnosis session where the therapists try and understand the root cause of your unhealthy life choices and subsequently try and inculcate ideas that promote an affinity to a more health-conscious way of living.

The idea behind the use of hypnotherapy for weight loss stems out of the fact that when the mind reaches a state of absolute comfort and relaxation, at that time it is receptive to suggestions and new ideas. This can be done through the repetition of words and phrases as well as painting verbal imagery defining certain goals and states that are desirable.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is not an isolated solution, but it is a portion of an entire program that focuses on helping an individual in losing weight. The program includes multiple sessions of hypnotherapy, counseling, proper diet and exercise.


Various studies have suggested that hypnotherapy for weight loss does affect the weight loss, with the help of an entire program consisting of all the components stated above in aiding a person in losing weight.


Hypnotherapy and weight loss



How Does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Work?

 The essence of hypnosis as per various health psychologists is that hypnosis allows an individual to feel empowered and have the mental strength and confidence to face any challenge and overcome any obstacle that comes their way.

Weight loss hypnotherapy helps the affected individual to face and overcome the psychological roadblocks that are preventing them from choosing a healthier lifestyle. This can include not wanting to exercise, unhealthy eating habits, etc. As opposed to the crash diets that guarantee sudden weight loss due to which people suffering from obesity end up being sick and put on the weight that they once lost.

Weight loss hypnotherapy aims at focusing on the root cause of obesity and then helps in eradicating those issues so that you are able to live a healthy holistic lifestyle.


Hypnotherapy and weight loss


Benefits Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

 It offers myriads of benefits. This weight loss therapy not only has a physical effect on the individual losing weight, but it also has positive psychological effects. These positive effects are extremely important for a person suffering from obesity.


  • It changes your perspective on food: Hypnotherapy changes the way you view food as a part of your life. The purpose of hypnotherapy is to suggest you adopt a more wholesome approach towards food subconsciously. Hypnotherapy helps you in creating a self-image with positivity.
  • A common issue that obesity brings with it is a degraded self-image that people develop for themselves. Weight loss hypnotherapy allows the therapist to develop with you a more admirable image of you that you can love. It helps a person to love themselves and put in more efforts to make themselves better.
  • Dieting and exercising are not a burden: This is another front where hypnotherapy helps individuals. People start exercising for the joy it will bring when the results kick in. They are able to understand the efforts and returns relation better. They do not view exercise and diet as a burden but as a transactional input for greater output.


Closing thoughts ‑

Weight loss hypnotherapy can really change a person’s life. Many people suffering from obesity just require that little push to start over. That is what Hypnotherapy offers, it motivates an individual and at the same time, it gives them the confidence that adopting certain measures will bring them back in shape by adopting a healthy way of living.  All that is necessary is the support to make the first step and this therapy ensures it.


Author Bio:

Alyssa Moylan is an ordinary woman from Australia, a writer by day and a reader by night. She writes on various topics like home improvement, business, lifestyle, health, travel and fashion. She likes to think of ways on how to solve daily life problems of people. Visit her blog at My Aussie Hub. Follow her on Twitter to stay updated.



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