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How To Get Motivated And Have Fun Doing It

get motivated
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Who says you can’t get motivated while having fun at the same time?

We all have things that we have to do, but we don’t necessarily always feel like doing them. There are ways we can get motivated while making it feel like less of a chore. The crazy part is, once you get started, it’s not even that hard! And the more you get done, the more it motivates you to keep going.

These are some of the things I do to help me get motivated and keep me productive throughout my day. These work really well for me, and help keep me focused on what I need to do.

1. Make a list – The first thing I do when I know I have a lot I need to get done is make a list the night before. I write down what I need to accomplish, and some things I want to get done too. Writing it all down helps me to visualize my goals, and it also makes it feel less overwhelming.

2. Wake up early – I like to get up in the morning before everyone else. This gives me time to wake up, stretch, get my caffeine fix, and have a little time to myself before starting my day. I also use this time to look over my list to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.

3. Pump yourself up – Jump up and down, shake off the tired, think about how great you’re going to feel once you’ve finished your list! Keep that positive self talk going.

4. Music – If possible, find some great music with some awesome beats to it, and crank it up loud! Dancing is optional.

5. Mark it off – As you go down your list, mark off each task you’ve finished. This is a great way to keep track of how much you’ve gotten done, and it also helps keep you motivated. The smaller your list gets, the more accomplished you feel.


get motivated



These are the main things I use to get motivated, but every person and situation is different.

Depending on what it is you are trying to get motivated to do, some of these may not be as practical. My little routine works well for things like running errands, housework, or projects I may be working on.

What if you need to get motivated to do other things? Maybe you need motivation to start exercising, or to change something in your life. There are ways to get this done too, and you can even incorporate some of the tips from above into these as well.


Here are some ways to help you get motivated and moving in the right direction towards reaching your goals

  • Know what your goal is. Write it down. Think about how much you want it.
  • Take the time to envision what it will mean to accomplish your goal. How will it positively affect your life?
  • Find things that inspire you. Keep them close by so you can refer to them often.
  • Determination is a great driving force. Dig deep, find yours.
  • Remind yourself of your goal every day.
  • Tell others about your goal. It will help you to be accountable, and can often give you that extra push you need to keep going.
  • Know that your motivation will come and go, and that’s normal. It doesn’t mean you should give up. Take a day here and there for yourself, and then refocus.
  • Think positive thoughts. Try to avoid negativity or anything that brings you down if possible.
  • Celebrate every small victory that pushes you closer to reaching your goal. Every step forward counts!

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, remember that. Think of the work you had to put in just to get to where you are right now. Know what you want, and be confident in your abilities. Be mindful of your self talk, encourage yourself, you can even ask others to help encourage you.


More tools to help you stay motivated

There are so many resources that can help you not only get motivated, but stay motivated too. I’m always looking for anything that will help me in reaching my goals. There are some great books that can help you with even more strategies to help with getting motivated. Hack Your Motivation and The Motivation Manifesto are some great books to start with.

Motivational quotes are another way to help keep you focused on your goal. Find your favorites, and place them all around you for daily reminders. There are even motivational daily planners you can get to help you track your progress!



Even with all of these tips and tools, one of the most important things you can do is believe in yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to, and you deserve to have good things come into your life. Don’t let anyone bring you down or keep you from reaching your goals.

You’ve got this.

~ Jess


get motivated


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  1. I love this, Jess! I do most of these things already, although getting up early is a new addition to the list. I’m experimenting with that, and it seems to be helping. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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