week 1 of the june challenge for better mental health

June Challenge For Better Mental Health – Week 1

June challenge – week 1   Week 1 of the June challenge for better mental health – I wanted to do a fun challenge for the month of June for better mental health. Things that will help with both physical and mental health, as well as our lives in general. I also wanted it to be fun, and I thought…

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June challenge for better mental health

Let’s Get Our Butts In Gear! – Jess’s June Challenge For Better Mental Health

Jess’s challenge for the month of June In the spirit of celebrating summer and healthier living, I’m inviting you to participate in my June challenge for better mental health. How many of you would like to start working towards healthier and more productive goals, but have trouble getting motivated? (ME!) I’ve discovered that it’s easier to get yourself in gear…

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stop taking life so seriously

Why We All Need To Stop Taking Life So Seriously

Today, I had an epiphany – Stop taking life so seriously. I’ve had this sudden realization, one that randomly decided to smack me in the face today – I need to stop taking life so seriously. Don’t ask me why today, or why so suddenly – because I have no idea. This is just how my brain works. Ok, so…

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anxiety makes me awesome

9 Reasons Why My Anxiety Makes Me Awesome

Anxiety makes me awesome Yes, that’s right – my anxiety makes me awesome! Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind just yet… All I ever hear or read about are the struggles or negative impacts of living with anxiety. What about the good things it can bring to the table? No one ever talks about the positive side of anxiety.…

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focus on the positives

4 Techniques I Used To Focus On The Positives That Actually Worked

How I’ve learned to focus on the positives and redirect negative thoughts “Focus on the positives, and soon the negatives will disappear.” – Live Life Happy Being able to focus on the positives – especially when it seems like everything is going wrong – can be challenging. Even so, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do. There are some…

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my purpose in life

Why I Need To Know What My Purpose In Life Is

What is it about not knowing my purpose in life that scares me so much? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I hadn’t, until today. When I look at that question, I instantly know the answer. For me, anyway. What scares me about wanting to know my purpose in life is this – what if it’s all for nothing?…

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the power of self realization

How To Change Your Life – The Power Of Self Realization

How Bad Do You Want It? I know it sounds cliché, but knowledge truly is power, especially in terms of the power of self realization. After struggling with anxiety and depression for the majority of my life, I have finally learned just how powerful it can be. From a simple definition of the word, self realization is the knowledge of one’s…

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journaling for mental health

Journaling for Mental Health

Keeping a journal is a concept that’s been around for quite some time. Journaling for mental health is amazingly therapeutic, and has some surprising mental health benefits! Not only that, but journaling for mental health can be enjoyable, as well as insightful! You can learn a lot from yourself.     It might seem a little daunting when first getting…

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Find yourself when you feel lost

Find Yourself When You Feel Lost

How to: Find yourself when you feel lost “Know first who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.” – Epictetus Whether you’re struggling with mental illness, going through a rough time, or starting a new chapter in your life, there are some things you can do to help find yourself when you feel lost. I believe there are times in everyone’s…

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