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The One Person You Can Never Fool Is Yourself

be honest with yourself
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Always be honest with yourself.

It is so important to always be honest with yourself. Why? Well think about this: if you can’t be honest with yourself, you’ll never find contentedness. You can’t be your true self if you aren’t honest with yourself.


be honest with yourself


That’s not the only reason. Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you can’t be honest with yourself, then how can you be honest with everyone else?”

Lying to yourself ultimately hurts you the most in the long run. It leaves no room to learn and grow. This is truly the most important reason you should always be honest with yourself. Not only that, you know better. No one knows you better than you.

Most of the time it starts off innocently enough. You may notice things you’re doing, but brush them off, or try to justify them. Over time, this starts to become a habit, and that’s when it can become a problem. What will happen is, instead of thinking “this isn’t like me” or “why am I feeling this way”, you’ll come up with a reason as to why – which usually isn’t the real reason at all.

When you do this, you’re not able to deal with the real problem, or face what’s actually going on. You’re unable to be proactive and do what’s necessary to fix whatever is going on within yourself. The longer you put this off, the more out of control things get, and the harder it is to help yourself get back on track.


be honest with yourself


What you can do to work on being honest with yourself

The first step in being able to be honest with yourself is to be aware of your thoughts and your inner dialogue. Mindfulness and mindful thinking play an important role in this. You can’t change your thoughts or your self talk until you’re aware of them. Self realization is another great tool you can use to your advantage.

Once you are aware of what you’re telling yourself, you can begin to change it. From there, it’s a matter of creating better habits, and more positive self talk. The better you feel about yourself, the easier it becomes to be honest with yourself!


You’ll feel so much better, and in the long run, it will truly help you. It’s amazing how well you get to know yourself when you can become aware of your thoughts, your self talk, and be true to yourself with how you’re feeling. It can be very empowering!

Nobody is perfect, and that’s ok. We were not created to be perfect. It’s impossible to learn and grow unless you make mistakes. It’s a part of being human. Life doesn’t come with instructions, we’re all winging it. But if we take our mistakes, and learn from them, we can open up tons of new possibilities for ourselves.

Your potential is endless, and your life can be whatever you choose to make it. I think we tend to forget how much power we have. It’s easy to do, when it feels like life is always trying to knock us down. We have to remember, while it may knock us down, we don’t have to stay there!

Choose to get back up, and keep fighting. Learning is the best weapon we have for fighting back.


“Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward – get real with yourself!” – Bryant McGill


If you take anything away from this, I hope it’s an understanding of why it’s so important to be honest with yourself. Even when it’s hard, or when it’s something you don’t want to face. I know it can be scary, but if you think about it, lying to yourself is so much scarier! It can take you down a road that will be much harder to turn back from.

Make sure you’re living your life for you, not anyone else. Take care of yourself, trust yourself, and be true to yourself!

~ Jess


be honest with yourself

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