Hypnotherapy and weight loss

Hypnotherapy: A Psychological Approach To Weight Loss

  This is an awesome guest post by Alyssa Moylan, with some interesting information about Hypnotherapy and it’s effects on weight loss. I’ve always found Hypnotherapy fascinating, and I know it has helped people overcome a lot of different things. This article provides you with information on exactly how Hypnotherapy can be used to help with weight loss. Read more…

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5 books that positively impacted my life

5 Books That Impacted My Life In A Positive Way

  I’m sharing these books for those of you who want to change your life and the way you look at it. Each of these books has had such a positive impact on my mental wellness, and truly helped me on my journey of healing from depression and anxiety. Every book on this list taught me a lot, and made…

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Life Planner

Benefits Of A Life Planner And Why You Need One

  Before I had my Life Planner, I had no idea I even needed one. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure what a Life Planner was, I had never owned one before. Now that I have one, I can’t imagine life without it! I have always had a hard time staying organized and keeping up with all the things I’m juggling…

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Attain mental peace

Tips To Help You Attain Your Own Mental Peace

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama   In this guest post by Dileep Tiwari, you’ll learn some important things to practice in order to help you find mental peace. ATTAIN MENTAL PEACE It is difficult to attain mental peace in the hectic lifestyle of modern era. The professional, familial, and social demands push…

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anxiety and depression in teens

Why Is Anxiety And Depression In Teens Rising So Quickly?

  Anxiety and depression in teens is rising at an alarming rate, and has been since around 2012. It’s become a frightening epidemic over the last several years, but why? What is causing this sudden spike in both anxiety and depression in our teens? To answer this question, there are a number of factors to consider. If we’re going to…

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