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Resources for finding Anxiety Help Online

If you’ve found yourself having anxiety symptoms, and need immediate support, there are several sources for reaching out for anxiety help online. Anxiety and depression can often go hand in hand, so I have resources available for depression as well.

Sometimes you just can’t wait for that next appointment with your doctor or counselor. It’s great to know that you can reach out to someone when you need support immediately.


anxiety help online


I’ve put together a list of resources to several different sites that offer anxiety help online, including both counseling services and peer support groups.

Here you’ll find resources ranging from active listeners, peer chats with others who also have anxiety, as well as hotlines and even courses you can take to help overcome anxiety symptoms.

And of course, if you’re just looking to chat with someone who can relate, I’m always available! Feel free to email me at, or message me through Facebook at Jess is a Mess.

Resources for Anxiety Help Online –

  • Anxiety chat room & free anxiety help online – provides a free online group anxiety chat, as well as resources for finding a counselor near you. They also provide Q & A on anxiety, assessing symptoms, and more.
  • Anxiety peer support groups – offers peer support groups for stress, anxiety and depression. They also have communities with anonymous post on various topics, or you can create your own post.
  • Self-help Program – is a program designed to walk you through the steps to help you with anxiety, stress, depression and burnout. They have a free self test, and is available to use 24/7.
  • Peer to peer support group for various anxiety disorders – is an online support community forum, with chat rooms for mental health, anxiety and general chat rooms as well.
  • Internet counseling or therapy – provides anxiety help online with therapists through live chat, or video sessions. Their trained therapists provide¬†evaluation and treatment of anxiety and stress related disorders such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Other available resources for anxiety help online –

  • My anxiety plan – has information on how to deal with anxiety symptoms, and tips and techniques to help you relax. They have tools that give you strategies to use to set goals, change your thinking, and more.
  • Natural remedies for anxiety – shares 15 natural remedies for anxiety to help you relax and find calm. They also provide some information on anxiety, and have a downloadable guide for you to refer to.
  • Tips to manage anxiety on a regular basis – lists 7 psychiatrist backed tips to help you manage your anxiety.

You can find tons of anxiety help online, from counseling to support groups. I included a few other links that, along with counseling, can help you with staying on track.

I’m always looking for tools I can use to help myself. It helps to have reminders of things I can do when I find my anxiety being triggered. It’s always good to have more than one plan, and trying different techniques to see which ones work best for you.

Looking to find a local therapist for face to face visits? Or maybe you need help with managing medication. Here are a few sites that are dedicated to helping you find someone that’s right for you in your area.

Find a therapist near you –

These are just a few of the sites that help you with finding a local counselor/therapist. They can even help to match you with one that’s just right for you and your symptoms.

If you find yourself having more trouble with your anxiety than usual, your symptoms are worsening, or you are having trouble controlling panic attacks, please utilize these resources.

anxiety help online

Anxiety and panic attacks can take a serious toll on your health. I know sometimes we think we can manage our symptoms on our own. I’ve been there. But we forget that we’re so used to feeling the way we do every single day.

Because of that, sometimes it’s hard to recognize the level your anxiety has reached. It’s very important to learn self-awareness. I honestly believe that is the most important, and very first step in taking control of your anxiety symptoms.

With the hundreds of resources out there, from outpatient counseling, to anxiety help online, there’s no need to try and suffer through your symptoms on your own.

You can take control. You’ve got this. We’re all in it together. Know that you are not alone.

I created this blog so that everyone can find a place to go. Where you can find someone who can relate. Someone who understands. I’m here, to share my story, in hopes that it will help others.

I want to provide more than just information, I want to provide inspiration.

If you’d like to join me in my journey, go to my homepage at and check out my blog posts. I share my own personal thoughts and feelings about anxiety, depression, ADD and mental health.

I can relate to both sides of this unfortunate coin, as I am both a sufferer, and I know what it’s like to live with someone with these disorders (and then some).

Just remember – you are not alone.

~ Jess

anxiety help online





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