9 Kick Ass Products For Calming Anxiety That Actually Work

products for calming anxiety
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Yes, you read that right. These products really do help calm anxiety.

If you struggle with anxiety, you know what desperation feels like. All you want is relief. Relief from the bombardment of your seemingly uncontrollable anxious thoughts and feelings. Trust me when I say, I know exactly what it feels like.

Anxiety is a soul sucking, life altering monster. It consumes your everyday life, and can prevent you from doing even the smallest of tasks. You want to be able to do what everyone else seems to be able to do with ease, but it seems impossible.

If you can relate to this at all, I hope you’ll continue reading. I want to share some of my favorite products I found for calming anxiety that ACTUALLY WORK.

Like you, I was desperate to find relief from my anxiety symptoms. I was willing to try anything and everything I could to escape my anxious mind. After years of struggling, trying different approaches, and with help through counseling, I have finally found relief.

You do not have to keep suffering. There are things you can do to become proactive in calming your anxiety. Finding a counselor you like and that works with you is a definite must. Learning more about your anxiety and what’s behind the cause of it will help you understand where it’s coming from.


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While you work through this with your counselor, you’re going to need some help along the way. There is no overnight fix for anxiety, it takes time and work to grow and get past the root causes of your anxious thoughts and feelings. That’s why I want to share this list of products I have used (and continue to use) for calming anxiety.

You will be surprised at how well they work at truly calming your anxious thoughts and feelings.


Aromatherapy For Calming Anxiety

Aromatherapy is an easy way to calm your anxiety, while making your home smell amazing at the same time. I was skeptical of aromatherapy, but I love things that smell good, so I decided to try it. I was truly surprised at how well it works at calming and relaxing my mind and body.

There are several ways to use aromatherapy for calming anxiety.

There are aromatherapy candles, essential oil diffusers and roll-ons, as well as bath salts and soaks. Here’s what I use:


Peace Gorilla Aromatherapy Candle

products for calming anxiety | aromatherapy candle


Peace & Calming Anxiety Roll-On

products for calming anxiety


Sensory Tools For Calming Anxiety

Sensory tools are great, because you can take them with you wherever you go. I’m always wringing my hands or biting my nails because of my anxiety. I wanted to break these habits, so I found things to keep my hands busy. Sensory tools help to keep your focus away from anxious thoughts and feelings.

These are two of my favorites. I love these not only because I can have them with me wherever I go, but they’re a discreet way to deal with my anxious thoughts.


Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

products for calming anxiety


Fidget Chain Stress Reducer

products for calming anxiety



CBD Oil and Hemp Extracts For Calming Anxiety

Both CBD oil as well as Hemp extracts work amazingly well for calming anxiety. They’re especially amazing for helping you relax and sleep at night. If you have racing thoughts at night that keep you awake, I definitely recommend trying these.

The lower doses of CBD work great for keeping calm during the day. Both work extremely well for sleep, and I love that they’re a natural way to help with anxiety symptoms.


CBDfx Lemonade Chill Shot

products for calming anxiety


Evo Naturals Hemp Extract Gummies

products for calming anxiety


Made By Hemp has a variety of CBD products for mind and body wellness.


products for calming anxiety


More of my favorite products for calming anxiety

It can be overwhelming when looking for natural ways to treat anxiety symptoms. I know how difficult it was for me to decide what to try. This is part of the reason why I wanted to share with you what I found to help calm my anxious thoughts and feelings that really do work.

When I first started looking, I took several things into consideration before choosing what to buy. I checked out the product ratings, reviews, and even any questions that were asked about the product. I also made sure to read about the products, and made sure they would help with exactly what I needed them to.

I recommend you do the same when looking for what will work best for you and your anxiety symptoms. It’s important to gather as much information as possible before making the decision to buy.

I want to share a few other products I love. Some of these can be a little pricey, so definitely do your research before making your decision!


  • Weighted Blankets – I don’t know how much you know about weighted blankets, but they are amazing. They’re very comforting, and whenever I’m having a day where I just want to hide, the first thing I do is grab my blanket.


  • CBD Health & Beauty – Making sure to take time out for self-care is important. This isn’t something we always think about when we’re dealing with anxiety. If you don’t have some sort of self-care routine, try to start one as soon as you can. It will make a huge difference in how you feel.


  • JournalsJournaling is a great way to help deal with anxious thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we just need to get things off of our minds, and journals are the perfect outlet. Use them to vent your frustrations, or even to keep track of your anxiety symptoms.




More resources for help with calming your anxiety symptoms

In addition to the different products that can help with easing your anxiety, there are also several books you should check out. They can help you to better understand your anxiety, and give excellent tips and advice for helping you overcome your symptoms.

This is a small list of just a few of the many books out there for you to check out.


You can also download this FREE list of Anxiety Blog Posts – 50 posts that talk all about the different aspects of anxiety, and how to help.

I really hope you’ll try some of these products, they will make a difference, and I’m confident you’ll be glad you gave them a try. I wouldn’t recommend anything I haven’t tried or don’t believe in. I try to use what I’ve learned, in order to help you. I want to try and prevent others from going through the struggles I have for so long.

If you’ve tried any of these, or decide to try any of these products, I’d love to hear how they’ve helped you. Please share your experiences in the comments!

~ Jess

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