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15 Super Strengths Of ADHD

15 super strengths of ADHD
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ADHD comes with so many positives that are often overshadowed by the negatives of having ADHD. Here are 15 incredible super strengths of people with ADHD:

  • Excellent problem-solvers
  • Well-liked
  • Absolutely relentless determination
  • Kind and compassionate towards others
  • Creative imaginations
  • Incredible perseverance 
  • Diligent and hard working
  • Great at multitasking
  • Strong moral compass
  • Authentic and down-to-earth
  • Keen observation skills
  • Honest
  • Empathy towards others
  • Great sense of humor
  • More apt to understand multiple perspectives


ADHD can be frustrating to live with, which can make it easy to forget that it also comes with some amazing strengths. By focusing less on the negatives and more on the positives, it can help to shift your perspective of  ADHD. If you think about it, these super strengths are what allow us to see things in a unique way. We’re always thinking outside the box, always trying to find the answers.

Combining determination and perseverance allows us to keep trying until we figure things out, even if that means failing over and over until we get it right. Our empathy allows us to relate to others and their struggles in a more personal way, which in turn gives us a better understanding of people. Having wildly creative imaginations open doors to endless possibilities and ideas.


How to use ADHD to your advantage


Understanding yourself and owning who you are is the first step towards using your ADHD to your advantage. Learn what makes your brain work the way it does. People with ADHD don’t have as many dopamine receptors in the brain, meaning it’s harder to stimulate our interest.

When we take the time to learn the skills we need to work around our imperfections, we’re better able to accomplish our goals. Find ways to regulate your busy mind, or learn how to deal with situations you find either boring or overstimulating.


Work with your brain instead of against it. Let go of the stigmas associated with ADHD, and accept yourself for who you are, including your imperfections. Become familiar with your strengths and use them to accomplish your goals. Don’t focus on your weaknesses, work on ways to improve in those areas instead.

Knowing what your strengths are and choosing to focus on them allows you to see exactly what you’re good at. Once you know this, it will help you with making choices that will work best for you in creating the life you want.


Identifying your ADHD strengths


Ok, so we know ADHD comes with many super strengths, and we know these strengths can be used to our advantage. Now we just need to learn and understand what our individual strengths are. There are several ways to accomplish this.

  1. Sit down and make an honest list of what your strengths are. Make a separate list for things you’d like to improve upon. Ask a friend or family member if you need a little help. They may even point out some strengths you didn’t realize you had!
  2. Think about what you’re passionate about. What are some things that you truly enjoy doing?
  3. Identify what types of tasks tend to be easier for you to accomplish, and which tasks you have a harder time doing.
  4. If you have a hard time getting started, find an ADHD Coach who can help you come up with a plan for both identifying and utilizing your strengths to their full potential.

By learning and recognizing your strengths, not only will you be more aware of your abilities, you can use them to your advantage to reach your goals. The better you know yourself, the more aware of yourself you become. It’s not just about working on weaknesses, it’s very important to acknowledge what you truly are capable of. Trust yourself, and know that you can do amazing things with your talents if you put your mind to it.

Focus on your strengths. Learn to work around your ADHD instead of fighting against it. There’s no need to fix what isn’t actually broken. Have faith in yourself and know that your resilience will take you far in life.











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